Our storage solutions address key business needs, including the exponential growth of data storage requirements, backup and disaster recovery systems along with product recommendations.

Layer 3 helps customers specify and deploy storage solutions that centralize data management and create repositories that maintain the highest levels of data integrity. Here is a quick overview of the types of solutions and support we provide customers.

All-in-One Storage/Back-up

All-in-one enterprise backup and continuity can be achieved by leveraging high-availability hardware and software and cloud solutions, along with effective system designs and top-notch customer support.

Data Protection & Disaster Recovery

Layer 3 can help you deploy effective solutions to provide enterprise-class data protection and disaster recovery. Our goal is to allow you to focus on your core business and avoid excessive capital expenditures. Benefits include:

  • Virtualization for reliable, cost-efficient, and secure disaster recovery
  • Reduced downtime from common IT challenges such as equipment failure, viruses, security breaches, and human error
  • Increased IT productivity including complete server recovery in minutes
  • Immediate value and complete business continuity

Data Management and Monitoring Tools

Powerful software dashboards simplify storage management with secure access to settings and features of storage units from any IP address. Configure storage settings, add virtual disks and virtual disk users conveniently and quickly through easy to navigate options. Built-in data protection features make it easy to keep your data safe with tape and disk offloads and snapshot support.

System monitoring tools make it easy to manage and monitor your data storage process with visible verification of RAID arrays, hot spares, available disks and physical disk location. This might include: increasing RAID array capacity, without user interruption, by simply adding physical disk drives to existing arrays; or convert RAID levels to change your data strategy while providing continued access to users with zero data loss.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

  • Help companies protect their data from infection using block level storage
  • Help organizations reduce overall storage costs significantly

Disaster Recovery

  • Having a plan in place to recover data by storing it offsite in case of a catastrophic events. this provides much better business continuity.
  • For most organizations, being up and running is crucial and can have a major impact on their business when a server or PC crashes
  • Eases the pain of managing data protection, backup, and restoration
  • 90% of businesses that lose data due to a disaster are forced to shut down within 2 years.(E Forensic Magazine) this is why it is important to store data offsite at dispersed geographical locations

Sophos Labs Threat Dashboard

Hardware Lifecycle Management From Layer 3 Technologies

We have the unique ability to provide a complete end to end experience for managing your IT equipment and services.

“Layer 3 has been providing our IT support since early 2015. The Layer 3 team provides excellent technical and engineering skills. We were able to reduce our costs while at the same time getting superb service and support for our complex IT needs including our plant controls systems, network infrastructure, and VOIP phone services. If you are looking to outsource your IT or replace your current provider, I would highly recommend Layer 3.”

John M. Duchesneau, General Manager, Rochester District Heating Cooperative
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